Professional Fractional CIO

Mitigate your bottom line with a Fractional CIO.

A Fractional CIO Can Be A Big Benefit

What Is A CIO?

A CIO is someone who manages the IT department of an organization. The person also works with business leaders to optimize the company’s operating model. A Fractional CIO is someone
who does that job at a fraction of the cost.


As compared to an in-house CIO, a fractional CIO can save money and improve your organization’s bottom line. Tim has had numerous success in saving companies thousands of dollars.

Why Hire A CIO?

A great Fractional CIO will be managing and successfully implementing the information and computer technology systems of a company while helping to build the company overall.

Meet Tim Gruen The Founder Of BFCE

Tim has over 25 years of experience in IT coupled with Network Operations and Business Leadership experience. This coupled with a strong problem-solving attitude, allows him to see problems from a long distance off.

Client Reviews

I have worked with Tim personally and directly on multiple occasions. I worked with Tim at OneNet Telecommunications and Dobson Fiber Company.

Tim has worked as both a Systems and Network Engineer and was a direct peer with our time at Dobson Fiber. As a peer, Tim is a capable critical thinker. He is proficient in documentation, technical writing, network design, and is an experienced Network Engineer. Tim a conscientious peer and is detail oriented in everything he does.

He is an intelligent and motivated individual whom I believe capable of performing in a variety of capacities including Network Engineer, Supervisor, and management.

Todd Linder, Network Engineer

I had the privilege of working with Tim Gruen. He was a critical forward thinking leader that helped our company in more than one way.

First, Tim was able to save the company the equivalent of his salary within the first couple months of employment at Resound Networks. Next, Tim improved our business by introducing a new Change Control procedure within our Network Engineering Department. The new procedure helped reduce the chance of an outage on our network.

Tim always presented himself in a professional manner. He was courteous to other employees and did his best to make everyone feel at ease.

Tim is an excellent leader and will be an incredible asset to any company.

Tyson Curtis, CEO, Resound Networks

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